Ellen Browning Scripps, 1836-1932

1836    Born in London, England

1844    Moved with her family to Rushville, Illinois

1859    Graduated from Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

1865     Moved to Detroit, Michigan, to join her brother James

1873     The Detroit Evening News founded

1878     The Cleveland Press founded

1881     The Cincinnati Post founded

1881-97   Traveled throughout the U.S.A., Europe, Cuba, and Mexico

1890    Scripps-McRae League founded

1891     Established Miramar Ranch in San Diego, California, with E.W. Scripps

1896-97   Established her home, South Molton Villa, in La Jolla, California

1899    Helped organize the La Jolla Woman’s Club

1899    Hired architect Irving J. Gill to make improvements to her house

1902    Newspaper Enterprise Association founded

1906    Endowed the Scripps Institution of Oceanography

1907     The United Press founded

1909    Founded and endowed The Bishop’s School with Eliza Virginia Scripps

1909    Commissioned artist Albert Valentien to illustrate California wildflowers

1911     Commissioned artist William Leon Dawson to illustrate Birds of California

1914    Endowed lecture series at Pomona College

1915    Donated money for Scripps Pier and an aquarium

1915    Founded the La Jolla Playground and Community House

1915    Financed the new La Jolla Woman’s Club building

1915    Hired architect Irving J. Gill to rebuild South Molton Villa after a fire

1916    Donated land to YWCA camp at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA

1917    Funded the YWCA’s Hostess House at Camp Kearny

1918    Funded (later endowed) Scripps Memorial Hospital

1919    Funded the Egypt Exploration Society and gave books and antiquities to the San Diego Museum Association

1919     Financed construction of new women’s campus at Pomona College

1920-32    Funded the San Diego Society of Natural History

1921    Funded construction of the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla

1921    Developed Torrey Pines State Reserve

1921    Sister Eliza Virginia Scripps died

1922    Funded construction of the San Diego Zoo

1923    Financed the construction of Torrey Pines Lodge

1923    Founded Scripps Memorial Park in Rushville, Illinois

1924    Built a lath house and public tea room on her La Jolla estate

1926    Founded and endowed Scripps College

1926    Financed a new building for the San Diego YWCA

1926    Brother E.W. Scripps died

1929    Donated tower and chimes for St. James-By-the-Sea Episcopal Church

1930    Donated athletic field at La Jolla High School

1931    Financed the construction of the Children’s Pool

1931    Donated the Cottage-Retreat for Women Students (SDSU)

1932    Died in La Jolla, California


Photo: Hand-tinted photo in San Diego The Beautiful (1907), San Diego History Center Archives.

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